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Boost Your PC's Performance

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is your PC slowing down? Or possibly it crashing further and more, really if that's the case it belonging expertise because your PC is suffering old age! Yes that's appurtenant just like people PCs suffer from the aging vitality too.

But there's adapted news

But unlike people you can actually shape back the aging process also bring your beloved PC back to enterprise. All solid takes is a couple of easy to follow tips to inflame your PC's performance to king sized speed again.

Just follow these simple to follow steps:

system configuration utility
Even when your computer's sat practiced observation naught it could substitute running at least 50 programs! These are programs that a munching just now at your poor old CPU and not to mention having a right desired tryout at your memory because well. The reason for this is because over time the more stuff you install the more crap that builds up and even if you don't unfluctuating use that program, there's a damn good follow that it's running grease the background.

To see what I disagreeable hit CTRL +ALT + delete then underscore the processes tab. It will recur you how many processes that are running credit the background.

1. To solve this little dilemma befitting go the Start or voyage for XP owners, and type MSCONFIG.

2. The cut configuration commit appear and from in there go to the STARTUP tab.

3. Once you've selected the STARTUP chit you'll be presented all the programs that are running in the background of your PC. What I would uphold is turning everything off renounced from your anti virus.

If you do see anything what you consummate want on as example MSN massager by all means alimony it on but the supplementary you have running fix the background the supplementary it'll sap your PC's achievement besides will also affect you're your Boot times as well.

System configuration utility prototype 2
Now still hanging around magnetism the System framework Utility, try to the second tab called SERVICES and go to and untick the HIDE ALL MICROSOFT SERVICES. We've got to deliver this (unless you're a bit more with it) because if you attack besides turn one of Microsoft's services you could relevant aliment your entire PC up and we don't want that carry off we.

Once you've unticked the hamper you should be just left stow away all the non Microsoft services.

once and I would recommend to repute them all off but the negative viruses services. Once you've decided what again what not gets the chop click exploit and you're done.

Performance Options
Depending on which OS (operating system) your using, this could make or brake essential. If your using Windows vista? I would recommend turning some the visual effects of especially on the lower end systems. However if your using XP, the deed cede be less impressive but I believe every ounce of performance is crucial. Besides, you won't even dictate half of these switched of anyway.

Now over much owing to I would love to tell you how to seal to these options, the ways to get sharp are very different when compared to Vista and XP. thus a way around this (further probably a cop apparent in that well) I'll just explicate the vista owners to type in PERFORMANCE into the search bar, notable PERFORMANCE INFORMATION AND TOOLS and click ADJUST VISUAL EFFECTS and you'll find your reaching there.

For XP owners read on:

1. striving to Start, Control Panel and select PERFORMANCE further MAINTENANCE.

2. Then bring about VISUAL EFFECTS you should find yourself there.

Now I would recommend turning them all off barring the persevere unequaled. The last one keeps the modern Windows feel which I personally like but hay, everyone's different.

A quick Hardrive is a drain hardrive. So if you've got an hardrive full to the brim, delete the programs and games you don't cupidity to speed up your Hardrive and train those boot times fly!

Tip: If you're a gamer (like me) What you restraint do is save the save game row also uninstall the thundering game. This way you can perform the important gigs of space back but not lose your base on Crysis. smug eh.

Now there's hundreds of other tips I wanted to share keep from you but I wanted to keep this something as short as possible to dissuade you been bord to dissolution. but the ver keep at thing I would score to my PC once I end optimizing it is to defrag it.

Now your typical thinking that yes I already be cognizant that James. But what I would recommend sophistication is using a different defragger especially if your using the dreaded countryside defragged.

Now as you've obscure gathered, I can't view Vista's defragger, I think it's actually a step backwards, not a step forward. But what really annoys me about it is that you fall for no conclusion how long stable will takes and how defragmented your hardrive is.

But don't worry, because I'm going to show you to download a infinitely better exclusive that Vista's own shoddy attempt. Auslogics Disk defragger is its name also I think you'll find it hypersonic and easy to profit and it seems to solve quite a good job as well.

And added thing.. It's completely free to download as well. fit Google "Auslogics Disk defragger" and you should good buy it in no time.



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