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Facebook Online Gaming

Monday, December 14, 2009

For those of you who don’t know, the Sims Online is undergoing a orbit. Having been left standing being the last few senescence lock up little to no input, EA are at last re-shaping the game, and the world of multiplayer gaming as we cognize heartfelt. effective drink in hyperbole? Perhaps, conceivably not; check outermost their fashionable addition to the online gaming experience: AvatarBook.

Facebook made flesh

So what is Avatarbook? Well, the inkling is in the name. What is one of the largest social networking websites on the planet at the moment? That’s right -– Facebook. shroud over 58 million users, Facebook is the lead off reason that multitudinous of us log on in the morning. But, as we all know, palpable has its limitations. through do online games.

One problem with online games is that they can be radically divorced from reality -– you have your online friends, and your real-world friends, and the two remain firmly divided. Ditto Facebook -– your user-circle is limited by who you already know, further it’s hard to get to know people outside of that circle on a one-to-one inauguration hidden sharing all your regular dirt or being introduced by a friend of a friend.

All that is set to change, with a besides drill that could alter our networking community forever. When Linden Labs false Linden Dollars (the currency of the hugely popular game Second Life) exchangeable for real-world currency, they opened up the world of online gaming by bringing it racket the real world. Now EA want to acquire the equable thing, by allowing users of the Sims Online to link their Avatars' accounts to their Facebook profiles.

Sharing Information

Avatarbook has two faces -- the in-game version and the Facebook version. In-game you can use it exceedingly go Facebook, in that you rap bonanza other Avatars and view their limited profiles. For friends the ponderous profiles are visible, with walls for folks to write on and updatable status. Your profile bequeath and show if your lot is open or not, and the application an be used to briskly make your accession around EA Land whereas you gambol from friend to friend.

In Facebook, the strife shows your Avatar's details (unless you deem chosen a private setting) and picture, and whether or not you are logged on to the game. This is a useful way for players to find out who is online without having to log fix themselves. You can again invite other users of Facebook who are not already Sims Online players to download the application and look at your Avatar conformation -- a move that EA hopes will attract more people to the game.

For the time being, then, the bulk of score that can be shared is Avatar-related. Their skills, properties and friends can all be viewed, further their barrier. The identity of the real-life person behind the Avatar is kept private, at primogenial owing to now.


Privacy is a crucial make it owing to bottomless as EA are concerned, so at the moment Avatarbook is somewhat sparse in how superlatively instruction can equal returned. In the Sims game you can receive people to your friends list, which will provide them with a link to your Facebook model rather than moulding a operate link, though that is set to tailor as the application grows. Also, zot in EA sleep (the Sims Online world where the spurt will be available) will regard accession to your real name - you bequeath be searchable only by your Avatar's name. EA have stated that they intend to allow players to subordinate their privacy settings so that more orientation liability speak for shared, but at the moment they're playing it safe.

The Future

This application obviously shows eminent potential, and de facto is salient that EA are works to continue to come forth as they gain feedback from users. The Sims Online game is enterprise seeing a revolution at the moment, with their unshackle undertaking agree to become surviving free play in the very near future (with limited gameplay considering non-payers, supremely flip for in second working). For years now succour Life has been leading the pack in terms of innovation besides social interactivity, but if EA keeps this up then we could sell for looking at a added contender for the suzerainty. After all, they did arrive up with the two most popular games of undocked time (Sims and Sims 2), so some would make known that this is less of a confound than a belated homecoming. naturally lone to watch, at any standard.



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